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A Live & One-Time-Only Immersive Musical Journey


• The Quiet Loud’s Brandon & Johnny will soundtrack your 420, all songs from vinyl from their personal collections! Stream
the program from 8:00 PM – 1:00 AM EST via eCamm, Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook Live. See our link tree for details!
(Links will be active one week prior to the event!)

• Genres include but are not limited to, rock, garage, soul, reggae, ska, hip hop, rap, electronic, industrial, gothic,
techno, folk, punk, grunge, shoegaze, and indie.

• There will be a visual interactive experience to watch, OR just enjoy the music as audio like an old radio program!
YOU DECIDE YOUR OWN LEVEL OF INVOLVEMENT! Either way, simply the program from 8:00 PM – 1:00 AM
EST via eCamm, Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook Live.

• RARE VINYL GIVEAWAYS! Including The Arcs, The Lakesiders, Machine Gun Kelly, and Fleet Foxes! And more!
• This event is FREE, but the band will take donations to cover the cost of the event, and add any amount above and
beyond to their “Ooh Child” Small Venue Fundraiser, where the funds will go to 222 Ormsby, Mr. Smalls, and at least
one other venue, at the end of 2021.

• You can donate in advance... Donate $12 or more, and you’ll GAIN ACCESS TO THE PLAYLIST SO YOU CAN
MAKE A REQUEST, and... a free one-year renewable membership into QL Club: An Infinite Musical Journey.

What do you get as a QL Club member?*
• Additional giveaways!
• Additional exclusive content!
• A monthly playlist comprised of what the band has been spinning!
• Discounts on select merch and tickets!
• Insider Info: Learn about new releases and other announcements ahead of the public!
• Membership will only be open during the event, all $12 donations must be received before
1:30 AM Eastern Time on April 21, 2021 to count toward the free year membership!
• The Quiet Loud will make their first exclusive announcement here, and here only, during their
broadcast on 420!
• (*Renewal price to remain after one year will be $25.00).

 Donation Perks Levels:
         o $12- or more and gain exclusive playlist & request access as well as become a member of the exclusive
Quiet Loud Club: An Infinite Musical Journey. (Details will be emailed to the address provided).


o $25- and in addition to the previous perks, receive an extra chance at winning one of our rare-vinyl
giveaways! (Select which in comments).


o $57- Receive a very limited special gift for fans of The Quiet Loud sure to delight you, as well as the
previous levels’ perks!


• As stated, ALL music you hear will be from the band’s personal vinyl collection, and there will be RARE stuff, old
stuff, hit stuff, brand new stuff, and Pittsburgh stuff. It’ll mostly be stuff you’ve never heard before, and everything will
be perfect to soundtrack your 4/20...


• We’ll be taking your old-fashioned phone calls like a radio station in 1995. Talk about anything you want! Request a
rare song from our playlist (only available in Club QL by donating $12 or more).

(Music and Listener Calls all night)

* * *

8:00 PM- The Sparking Hour with some Stoney Songs
9:00 PM- Ghost Stories (A focus on rare vintage and classic songs of yesterday).
10:00 PM- Airwaves & Giveaways and Music to Groove To (An up-tempo and uplifting hour).
11:00 PM- Prophecies & New Releases (Pittsburgh & National Music News and a focus on new songs).
MIDNIGHT- Golden Hour- We’ll save some of the craziest and rarest for the last hour!


Unlike other online “DJ Sets”, the boys in The Quiet Loud will be hosting what they describe as “a hybrid between an old
Wolfman Jack radio broadcast and a more interactive visual experience beyond just watching us put vinyl on a turntable”.
You should really trust The Quiet Loud to soundtrack your evening, they know just where to take you on your musical

journey! Don’t get stuck with Top 40 all night at your cousin Larry’s girlfriend’s house! DON’T go for the homemade foil-
pipe-music when you can have a smooth bubbler or bliss in your ears all evening!


Remember: this event is FREE to stream, but The Quiet Loud are taking donations to cover the cost of hosting the event.
Anything above and beyond will be donated to small Pittsburgh music venues. These funds will be added to their “Ooh Child”
fundraiser, which has been extended through the end of 2021, where all proceeds from downloads of their version of “Ooh Child”
will also go to Mr. Smalls and 222 Ormsby. The band reserve the right to select an additional venue since The Rex has since

closed down.

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